Study Description

The purpose of the study is to identify potential environmental contaminants originating from the Church Street waste transfer station and to measure their presence, quantity, impact, and source, if possible.






Monitoring Site Locations

A network of 5 monitoring stations will be deployed in the area surrounding the Church Street Waste Transfer Station for a 6 month period from May to November 2019.

4 monitoring sites in the immediate vicinity of the waste transfer station, plus 1 control site at Twiggs Park were selected.



To help understand the influence of local traffic patterns as a potential contributor to measured pollutants, the study will incorporate a 30-day traffic study within the defined study area and nearby the control site. Road tubes will be placed to provide speed, class of vehicle, and traffic volume data by direction of travel.

The traffic study will be performed by a subcontracted entity, Traffic Impact Group, LLC of Downers Grove, IL.

Meet the Team

The project is being conducted through collaboration between the UIC School of Public Health, RHP Risk Management Inc., and the City of Evanston.


University of Illinois-Chicago

School of Public Health


Serap Erdal, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Dr. Serap Erdal is an Assistant Professor within the Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences division of the UIC School of Public Health. She operates a research program in exposure and health risk assessment for environmental and occupational hazards. In addition, she has served as a scientific consultant to many Fortune 500 companies, U.S. Department of Defense, and Energy.

Dr. Erdal's participation on the study team is focused to provide a supervisory role for study design and data evaluation aspects of the project.


RHP Risk Management

Environmental Consultant

RHP is a niche environmental consulting firm of approximately 20 scientists representing various fields of practice including environmental engineering, industrial hygiene, exposure science, and human health risk assessment. RHP is a local firm headquartered in Chicago near O'Hare airport and situated approximately 20 minutes away from Evanston.

As the selected environmental consultant, RHP's role in the project involves study design development, deployment and maintenance of the air quality monitor network, and data collection and analysis.


City of Evanston

City Manager's Office


Kumar Jensen

Chief Sustainability and Resilience Officer

Kumar Jensen joined the City of Evanston in 2014 as the sustainability fellow for the Office of Sustainability and later served as the environmental project coordinator for the Public Works Agency. In his current role as the Chief Sustainability and Resilience Officer, he focuses on energy efficiency, environmental justice, water and waste reduction, renewable energy and climate action and resilience.

Within his role as the Chief Sustainability and Resilience Officer, Mr. Kumar serves as the primary contact point for the project and liaison between the Study Team and Community Task Force.